Whether buying or selling, you have a choice. You can work with any real estate company. There’s no shortage. Why Exclusive Home Realty?

Because it’s about you, not about us. Really. You, the home buyer, or the homeowner ready to sell, you the investor, the dreamer, the seeker. You are our challenge—to find the piece of the puzzle that you’ve been searching for, that elusive place that feels like home—that’s our mission for home buyers. And when you’re ready to sell, we’ve got that covered. Tell us what you need to get out of the sale of your home, and we’ll help you maximize it.

Because we’re committed. Not in the fancy-jackets-that-tie-in-the-back way, but in the up-until-3-am, knocking-on-doors, driving-all-around-town way. Whatever the issue is in the market, we commit to finding the solution. Low inventory? We’re calling potential sellers. Low comps? We’ll find your buyer. Whatever you need, we’ll figure out how to get it for you.

Because we’re smooth. Smoothers, that is. Buying or selling a home is like any big life change—stressful, even while it’s amazing. Wouldn’t it be nice to hand all that tension over to us? So that it’s not your wedding day, and you’re so frazzled you don’t even get a piece of cake. When we work for you, we do the work. You won’t be responsible to scour endless websites, trying to find the right deal, the perfect home. That’s our job. We can smooth the path for you. It’s what we do.

Not everyone has a good frame of reference when it comes to real estate agents. In fact, if we’re honest, we know that some people hate real estate agents. It’s our mission, our goal, to change that way of thinking. We want a second chance to change an impression that someone else made-- maybe the real estate industry as a whole has strained or soured you, and that’s okay. It happens, but we’re not giving up.

We know homes—buying, selling, and everything in between. We know Washington--- from Tacoma to Issaquah, Redmond to Arlington, Seattle to Bellevue. And we know how to help you—no insider language, sales pitches or double speak. We’re here to get you from wherever you are now to the place you really want to be. Home.

Harley Dufek Owner/Designated Broker 425-242-5125 harley@exclusivehomerealty.com

What he does: Helps people buy and sell homes (and won’t leave a penny of your money on the table), writes bestselling books (Cracking the Real Estate Code), National Real Estate Business coaching, real estate marketing, short sales, bank owned properties, flips, hard money financing, selling residential homes for top dollar with the least hassle--fastest sell in the west. Pacific North West, that is.

Where you might find him: On the phone coaching or talking to clients, out at listings, meeting with buyers and sellers, NAEA conferences (they keep giving him awards), researching ways to get more money for his clients (he averages 18 percent more with his Exclusive Selling System than traditional methods, but he doesn’t believe in settling and if there’s a better way, he’ll find it).

Things to know about Harley: Before his six year stint in the Army National Guard, the Alaska native trained championship St. Bernards and ran his own window washing empire--as a teenager! After graduating from college in Michigan with a degree in electrical engineering and business, he bought his first investment property in Seattle and got a taste for real estate that sparked his entrepreneurial passion. He spent every waking moment reading and studying real estate before becoming a loan officer, and then an agent. He finally gave in to that hungry entrepreneur inside in 2010 and opened the doors to Exclusive Home Realty, determined to give every client the best experience and service in the state. No, in the country. He aims high.

Awards and Accolades: Top 1% of real estate agents nationwide, over one thousand transactions under his belt (and counting), three year Radio and Television Marketing expert (and personally endorsed by celebrities like Michael Medved, David Bose, Dori Monson, Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey and Barbara Corcoran). NAEA Honey Badger award (sounds sticky!), NAEA King Kong Award (twice), Millionaires Club Award (thrice). Swam the English Channel. Just once. Wait, no, that wasn’t him. But the rest is true.

Korey Shelton Office Manager/Team Leader 425-242-5125 korey@exclusivehomerealty.com

What she does: Managing (sometimes unruly) office staff, multi-tasking ninja, staging phenom, dream home-finding superhero, Home Goods addict (for staging, of course), open house genius, paperwork bedazzler, pro shopper (for her buyers).

Where you might find her: Anywhere and everywhere. Listings, staging, garage sales for unique staging items (or Home Goods. She really loves Home Goods), in the office making sure your home isn’t built on a sacred burial site, filling out stacks of confusing and overwhelming paperwork so buyers and sellers don’t have to, writing marketing descriptions for listings, designing flyers, making sure everyone gets paid on time, generally keeping the boat afloat.

Things to know about Korey: She loves water (anything water-related), kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, finding amazing restaurants, taking spontaneous road trips. She loves the staging part of her job, and the creativity it affords her. “When I go into a room, I try to imagine myself living there. I imagine the places where you get that feeling of comfort or excitement, something that sparks that in you.”

Awards and Accolades: 18 years in real estate from escrow to manager extraordinaire. Rocked the house for one of the largest builders in the area (went from handling over 300 transactions per year to managing a team that handled thousands!) before her work in a non-profit organization, helping prevent foreclosures. Now coordinates all transactions, consultations and staging, and amazes her coworkers daily.

Scott Adams Full Time Buyers Agent 425-242-5125 scott@exclusivehomerealty.com

What he does: Works with buyers to find that one-in-a-million home they’ve always wanted, takes the mystery out of the process, especially for all you first time home buyers. Scott's 23 years of sales experience works to his clients' advantage, making him a smart negotiator and an agent you want on your side.

Where you might find him: Meeting with home buyers, talking to home buyers, on the phone to buyers and sellers, researching off market properties, getting the best deal for his buyers, surveying potential homes, all around sleuthing properties with Sherlock Holmes-like determination.

Things to know about Scott: If he’s not finding the killer deal, he’s probably on a boat somewhere, watching the Blue Angels at Seafair or enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal.

Awards and Accolades: Rookie of the Year in sales (year withheld but let's just say 23 years later he's no rookie!), multiple team championships in softball with Kirkland, Redmond and Bellevue rec leagues, Top south area agent for Exclusive Home Realty (2016).

Richard Mallory Full Time Buyers Agent 425-242-5125 Richard@exclusivehomerealty.com

What he does: Helps buyers and sellers, negotiates the best price and terms, helps investors and home buyers find the perfect property, advocating and guiding buyers through the transaction process, blitzing the market with his buyers until he locates that hidden gem (more tenacious than the most dedicated diamond hunter in the business).

Where you might find him: Meeting clients, showing homes, negotiating deals, getting results. When it comes to working for his clients, Richard is the above-and-beyond guy who will get it for you. He might even let you dunk him (fully clothed) into the Puget Sound (did you hear the one about the agent and the water front property?)

Things to know about Richard: When he’s not negotiating the best deals, you might find the third generation Washington native on the dance floor with his lovely wife (salsa king!), renovating his own investment properties, on the lake or enjoying the area’s finest dining experiences (he knows good restaurants), being loved on by his sweet friend/puppy Ceasre.

Awards and Accolades: Winner of the NAEA Top Producer Award, endorsed by nationally syndicated radio show host Michael Medved, endorsed by Seahawks pregame host Dori Monson, National Association of Expert Advisors Member, Radio and Television Experts member.

Kerri Jensen Real Estate Broker 425-242-5125 Kerri@exclusivehomerealty.com

What she does: Works with buyers, first time buyers, and even investors to find the perfect home or property. Negotiates sales, meets with clients and drives all over the place scouting out the ideal homes.

Where you might find her: As primarily the north area specialist, Kerri helps buyers from Snohomish to Sammamish, but you’ll mostly find her scoping out properties or calling potential listings in the Snohomish, Bothell, or Everett neighborhoods. After fourteen years in the greater Seattle area, Kerri has gotten to know her way around (and knows all the best restaurants, too!)

Things to know about Kerri: Has a master’s degree in Early Intervention/Deaf and Hard of Hearing (she’s an excellent listener) and worked in the field for several years at Children’s Hospital. Her path took a turn into mortgage and escrow, and she felt a tug toward real estate. Kerri is deeply committed to helping buyers understand each step in the process, and she brings the highest level of expertise to the local market. She’s also the resident social butterfly (she knows everyone!) She’s also a traveling girl—loves taking trips with her fam, jogging and working out, and if there’s a barbecue in the neighborhood, she’s probably hosting it.

Awards and Accolades: NAEA Top Producer Award, endorsed by nationally syndicated radio show host Michael Medved, endorsed by Seahawks pregame host Dori Monson, National Association of Expert Advisors Member, Radio and Television Experts member.

Julie Wixom Marketing Coordinator 425-242-5125 julie@exclusivehomerealty.com

What she does: Keeps track of all the followers and tweeters and pinners, posts articles and updates and pretty pictures of all the gorgeous homes, writes bios for the website (now you know who is behind all the shenanigans). Also schedules appointments for buyers and sellers (i.e., you all) to meet with all of the above home buying and selling experts.

Where you might find her: Mostly on the phone or on the computer. Always scouring the interwebs for interesting tidbits and keeping track of things that might be interesting to people buying and selling homes. And cat videos. But mostly the homes.

Things to know about Julie: Even though she just moved here last year, she’s already in love with the Pacific Northwest. She likes hiking, yoga, and cheese, and she is constantly borrowing pens and not returning them.

Awards and Accolades: Optimist Award for Creative Writing, Editor's Pick (BEDC Sports) 2003, Top leasing consultant (2014), can stand on her head.