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Chris Pierard

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Chris Pierard

Chris is President and co-owner of Exclusive Home Realty. Over the last 10 years Chris has been an active real estate investor and agent; having successfully renovated several houses, acquiring multiple cash flowing properties and helping dozens of clients to find the homes of their dreams. Chris has over 15 years of executive level management and finance experience with companies he has started in Seattle.

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“Chris was amazing to work with, very friendly, professional, and thorough. Excellent advice all around. He had done his market research, and the house was very well received when it hit the market. We had multiple offers within a few days, and were extremely pleased with the final sale. Highly recommended!”

“I would not hesitate to tell all of my friends and family to use Chris Pierard of Exclusive Home Realty. My wife and I had a great experience and the whole process of selling our condo was really easy and stress free. The whole team that we worked with were very professional and easy to work with. If I was to buy another piece of property I would use Exclusive Home Realty again.”

Chris not only helped us find exactly the home we were interested in, he was there for every inspection and estimate whether we could make it or not. He also provided contractor information for everything we needed, and the contractors were inexpensive, reliable and did quality work. I highly recommend Chris.”

“Chris was an excellent realtor to work with all around. My husband and I were moving from the east coast, and didn’t have a lot of knowledge of the Seattle area. He worked with us every step of the way, providing valuable insight and information as we expressed our needs and preferences.”

We only had a few days in the Seattle area to go house hunting, and he was extremely efficient with our time, weeding out the houses that wouldn’t be the best value for us, and offering candid opinions and advice, which were much appreciated.

When we found a house we loved, he was a persuasive and persistent negotiator.

My husband and I felt very comfortable with Chris. He made the entire house-buying process a breeze. He’s an instantly likeable person, and we felt very welcome, which is a nice feeling when you move to the area. We recommend Chris to everyone we know who’s buying a new house.”

“Chris Is a great choice if you are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and thorough Real Estate agent. He was a true professional in every phase of my transaction. I would highly recommend Chris.”

“I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. He was a pit bull when it came to negotiating for us. Our seller was difficult (read crazy) and Chris dealt with him like a champ. We were on a very short timetable because we were relocating from the east coast and had only a two day house hunting trip plus a month in employee housing in which to make our decision. Chris’s local knowledge was invaluable. There were a few occasions where he told us “you don’t want to look at that house” due to quality, location, or both. That prevented us from wasting our time. I have since recommended Chris’s services to several friends and all of them are immensely satisfied.”

“Chris is a very professional and personable real estate agent. He was very patient with me when I changed my mind multiple times on specs for our new house. He showed me multiple listings in various geographical locations without complaint and was very thorough in his analysis of each property.

When it came time to actually make an offer on the house we ended up buying, he was very precise on the verbiage and particular with the details. I feel he made some excellent negotiation moves that ensured we got the best deal for our money.

I would highly recommend Chris to ANYONE looking to purchase in the King County area.”

“Chris Pierard is experienced, knowledgeable, innovative, responsive and committed to service, with many ideas and methods useful in selling or buying real estate. He has unusual knowledge of and contacts in the Greater Seattle/Puget Sound real estate markets, and a strong commitment to get the best price for his clients.” – Gerald Medman

“Listen to Chris and Exclusive Home Realty. Chris is great because he has established a clear process of how to drive leads and sales for your home. Listen to what he says to do from home repairs, to pre-inspection, etc. We followed every piece of advice and saw a significant increase over our sales price.” – Chris Meador

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Best Selling Author:

“Cracking the Real Estate Code” reached best-seller status in four categories - The book reached best-seller status in the Buying and Selling Homes, Real Estate Sale, Real Estate, and Sales and Selling categories.


Check out what clients are saying about us!

Winner of the NAEA Top Producer Award
Endorsed by nationally syndicated radio show host Michael Medved
Endorsed by Seahawks pregame host Dori Monson
National Association of Expert Adivsors Member
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