It’s 3 a.m. You can’t sleep. You’re trying to remember the exact square footage of the bathroom in the second to the last home you visited on your blitz day with Exclusive Home Realty agent Richard. You open your computer and tap out an email, knowing that there is no way Richard will remember what home you are talking about, let alone the square footage of the bathroom. You go to sleep, convinced you’ll never find your dream home. In the morning, you see an email pop up, sent at 5 am. It’s from Richard. He’s attached a floor plan of the home you were thinking of, complete with dimensions for all the rooms, including that master bathroom you were obsessing about. A few minutes later, you see a text pop up. Would you like to see that home again? Whether it’s Richard, or designated broker/owner Harley Dufek, or Scott Adams, south area wizard—one thing everyone on the team has in common is you, the buyer. Without you, we’re just a bunch of weirdos obsessed with waterfront views, crown molding and granite countertops. Maybe none of that matters, and you just want an agent to help you find the right home, get a good price, and communicate succinctly and transparently. Someone honest who will put your best interest at the forefront, and tell you the hard truths when necessary. That’s us, too. So let’s meet up and talk. How about a cup of coffee/tea/chocolate milk and some information? If you walk away knowing more than you did before, then you’ve just gained some free knowledge (and coffee!). Or just call us on the phone. We’re people people—that’s why we’re in this business. Because we love people, and we love real estate, and we love what we do. Otherwise, we’d be accountants. (Incidentally, we love accountants, too. But not as much as we love talking about spacious foyers and wainscot). Email us directly at or call 425-242-5125