It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, but you’re having trouble enjoying it out on your back deck because all you can see is the dry rot. You wonder how you’ll EVER sell your home, which used to be perfect, but now needs a little TLC. You bought the ideal home, but your company just offered you an amazing position…in North Carolina. You have to move quickly, but the thought of selling makes you break out in hives. Your kids have gone away to college. Suddenly your five-bedroom home feels big and empty. The thought of all the maintenance, the lawn, the headaches, make you tired. You’re having a baby! Congratulations flow in, but so do concerns. How will you fit another human in your two-bedroom condo, which seemed so cozy when it was just three, but now feels tight and crowded at the thought of all that baby gear. It’s not time to panic. It’s time to plan. There is a lot at stake when you decide to sell your home—thousands of dollars on the table, a million things to consider. You have no idea where to start, and everybody has a piece of advice. Thankfully, there’s one place you can go where someone has the answers—after all, he’s been selling homes in the Puget Sound area for almost two decades. The best decision you can make is to call us. When Harley Dufek puts his years of experience to work, you know your home will sell—for more than you expect, faster than you’d thought, and without worry. Email us directly at or call 425-242-5125